Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 1999

 Posted Date  Titles
03-Jan-99  1998 Weekly Comic Awards
10-Jan-99  Kids Who Done Something they're Not Supposed To Do
17-Jan-99  Evon's Gift (by Tang and Evon)
24-Jan-99 1.Gothic trouble with Xiaocui 2.A lesson with Tang Ho Shifu
By Evon--( guest author)
31-Jan-99  Another Diana-03 Preview
07-Feb-99  It Must Be Fate
14-Feb-99  Tom's Repentance
21-Feb-99  Humanely Love
28-Feb-99  A Horror Story
07-Mar-99  No Killing Please
14-Mar-99  No Killing Please Part II
21-Mar-99 Tang's Story Telling Workshop
28-Mar-99  Return Of Yagami
04-Apr-99  Weekly Comic Q & A
11-Apr-99  Camera Angles
18-Apr-99  Enter The C.A.T (Cat Angels Task force)
25-Apr-99  Little Girl VS. Big Corporation
02-May-99 The Disgruntled Postal worker
09-May-99 Tragedy of Rei Ayanami
18-May-99 Where Is Diana-02?
23-May-99 What Dream May Come To Tang
30-May-99 Secret Toping
06-Jun-99 professionalism
13-Jun-99 Careless Talk
20-Jun-99 The Celebration
29-Jun-99 Dark Day
04-Jul-99 THE THIN-H LINE Week
11-Jul-99 Wenpro-Manga Preview
18-Jul-99 Typical Catgirls
25-Jul-99 Tale of Seiko
01-Aug-99 Bad Bedtime story
08-Aug-99 A Fallen Angel
15-Aug-99 Don't Get Caught
22-Aug-99 A Test
29-Aug-99 (filling your text week)
05-Sep-99 Something I Have To Say (and the reader's fill in entries)
12-Sep-99 Are The Big Brothers Reading This Comic?
19-Sep-99 An Opening
26-Sep-99 Show Your Stuff
03-Oct-99 What Is Diana Thinking?
10-Oct-99 Old Maid Phenix
17-Oct-99 Body Language
24-Oct-99 The Fifth Sign
31-Oct-99 The Only Weapon You Can Use Is your Body
07-Nov-99 Original Move
14-Nov-99 You Don't Recognize Me?
21-Nov-99 Sushi For Kids
28-Nov-99 I and S
05-Dec-99 Let's Do The "S"
12-Dec-99 The Fatboy and Yumemi
19-Dec-99 Childproof Disposable Lighters
26-Dec-99 Feeling Eighteen Again (guest illustrator: Komala)