Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 1998

 Date Title
04/Jan/98 The Phenix Saga 1.25
11/Jan/98 The Phenix Saga 2.0 (subtitled)
18/Jan/98 Classics Tales Retold
25/Jan/98 Classics Tales Retold
SnowWhite and The Seven White Dwarts
01/Feb/98 I want to die too
08/Feb/98 The Dead of Grass Hopper (Comic Version)
15/Feb/98 The Tragic Story of the God- Soldier
22/Feb/98 Master's Mind
01/Mar/98 Gone With The Wind In Comic Style
08/Mar/98 Cantonese Will Eat Anything
15/Mar/98 Master's Mind 2
22/ Mar/98 The Bloodiest Weekly Comic Ever
The sons and daughters of warlords
29/Mar/98 Comic Workshop #1
05/April/98 The Story of Three Spars
12/April/98 Comic Workshop II
19/April/98 How to get out of a cliff hanger
26/April/98 Twist
03/May/98 The End of The World
10/May/98 Tokukawa and the god of death
17/May/98 Weekly Comic Exchange
24/May/98 by Guest illustrator
31/May/98 Action and drama
07/Jun/98 Story of My life
14/Jun/98 Mascot Voting
21/Jun/98 Phenix 16 Forever
28/Jun/98 Welcome to Hong Kong
05/Jul/98 Lisa and Rose
12/Jul/98 Fair Warning
19/Jul/98 Mimiko The Cat Angel
26/Jul/98 Mission Impossible
02/Aug'98 The Last Words
09/Aug/98 Test of Friendship
16/Aug/98 Female Fighters
23/Aug/98 Mimiko The Cat Angel Part II
30/Aug/98 Two Man's Drama
06/Sep/98 Mimiko The Cat Angel Part III
13/Sep/98 Mimiko The Cat Angel Part IV
20/Sep/98 Mimiko The Cat Angel Part V
27/Sep/98 Clay Doll Fever
04/Oct98 Huggable Robo Clay
11/Oct/98 1. Heartless Machine 2. Things Only human can do
18/Oct/98 Shi Yin And The Princess
25/Oct/98 Test of Friendship Part II
01/Nov/98 1.Execution of Shi Yin / 2. Extra comic by Jame
08/Nov/98 Princess In Love
15/Nov/98 I Still Love You
22/Nov/98 Shoujo And I
29/Nov/98 The Last Staw for Last action Clay
06/Dec/98  'A Friend'
13/Dec/98 Diana-03 Preview
20/Dec/98 Fiona Special
27/Dec/98 The True meaning of Christmas