Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 2005

 Posted Date  Titles
02-Jan-05 Bad Girl (5)
09-Jan-05 Bad Girl (6)
16-Jan-05 Bad Girl (7)
23-Jan-05 Training Trip (1)
30-Jan-05 Training Trip (2)
06-Feb-05 Training Trip (3)Small World
13-Feb-05 Training Trip (4)Who Are Idiots?
20-Feb-05 Beautiful World To See
27-Feb-05 Obvious Cause
06-Mar-05 I Need a Break
13-Mar-05 The Good Mother
20-Mar-05  It Is a Amall Screen
27-Mar-05  When You Feel Like You're 3" Tall
03-Apr-05  Desperately Seeking Master Fung Yee (1)
10-Apr-05  The Forgotten Future
17-Apr-05  Phenix Journey--The Swords Crazy Swordman (1)
24-Apr-05  Phenix Journey--The Swords Crazy Swordman (2)
01-May-05  Phenix Journey--Martial Artist Talk
08-May-05  Phenix Journey--Funny Fact
15-May-05  Phenix Journey--The Sword To Kill For
 22-May-05  Phenix Journey--Man To Man Talk
 29-May-05  Phenix Journey--Confession of The Mad Swordsman
 05-Jun-05  Phenix Journey--Attack of The Mad Swordsman
12-Jun-05  Phenix Journey--Attack of The Mad Swordsman 2
19-Jun-05  Phenix Journey--Blind Man's Sense
26-Jun-05 1.Phenix Journey--Master Fung Yee's Motto
2.Obscene Phone Call Guest strip by Roman Wunderlich of http://www.bmoviecomic.com/
03-Jul-05  Phenix Journey--Conditioned
10-Jul-95  Phenix Journey--To Bejin
17-Jul-05  Phenix Journey--Martial Art Is Not Circus Act
24-Jul-05  Phenix Journey--Myth of Black Inn
31-Jul-05  Phenix Journey--Legal Drinking Age
07-Aug-05  Phenix Journey--Mercy of The Lord
14-Aug-05  Phenix Journey--The Gathering
21-Aug-05  Phenix Journey--It Begins
28-Aug-05  Phenix Journey--Booth 717
04-Sep-05  Phenix Journey--Guilty By Associate
11-Sep-05  Phenix Journey--Jail Break (1)
18-Sep-05  Phenix Journey--Jail Break (2)
 25-Sep-05  Phenix Journey--Jail Break (3)
 02-Oct-05  Phenix Journey--Jail Break (4)
 09-Oct-05  Phenix Journey--Prince of Martial Art
16-Oct-05  Phenix Journey--Kid VS. Kid
 23-Oct-05  Phenix Journey--One More Thing
 30-Oct-05  Break
13-Nov-05  Tang Is Back
 20-Nov-05  Phenix Journey--Houn Fu and His Seven Masters (1)
 27-Nov-05  Phenix Journey--Houn Fu and His Seven Masters (2)
 04-Dec-05  Phenix Journey--Houn Deadliest Woman Alive
11-Dec-05  Phenix Journey--She's Like a Wind
18-Dec-05  Phenix Journey--Houn Wai VS. Phenix (1)
 25-Dec-05  Merry Christmas 2005