Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 2003

 Posted Date  Titles
05-Jan-03 New Phenix (Evon's Gift) (page 2)
(Extra strip week)
1. Girls' Gossip 2. Introducing The Dianas
19-Jan-03  Older Women Do It Better
26-Jan-03  No Joke
02-Feb-03  Meet The Family
09-Feb-03  Ki Kung Master
16-Feb-03  Dream
23-Feb-00  Dream II
02-Mar-03  Sexual Fantasies Talk
09-Mar-03  Master Fung Yee Says
16-Mar-03  True Meaning?
23-Mar-03  Old Uniforms
30-Mar-03  And The Answer Is?
06-Apr-03  Cheer!
13-Apr-03  I'm Against War Too
20-Apr-03  SARS Scare
27-Apr-03  A Man Who Needs Help
04-May-03  Free Bread
11-May-03  Critique
18-May-03  Talking Heads Strips
25-May-03  Me, me and me
01-Jun-03 CTR Re-run Week (Liao Wei And the Dragon Princess)
02-Jun-03 CTR Re-run Week (The Story Of The Big Bad Wolf)
03-Jun-03 CTR Re-run Week (Peter's Heart)
04-Jun-03 CTR Re-run Week (My Fair Lady 1998)
08-Jun-03 Basketballs
15-Jun-03 A Cheating Plot
22-Jun-03 Short Cut
29-Jun-03 Creature of Habits
06-Jul-03 Ancient History
13-Jul-03 Better Not Explain
20-Jul-03 Long Time No See
27-Jul-03 Forgotten Characters
03-Aug-03 Where Are They?
10-Auf-03 Phenix's Worst Fear
17-Aug-03  14-Aug-03 Big Black Out
24-Aug-03  Her Dog's Name
31-Aug-03  Pet Star TWC Style
07-Sep-03  Super Villains and High Places
 14-Sep-03 TOFU WEEK This week I'm posing the following five doujishis that
I've done in the past five years, They's never been published on the net.
I feel it is time for me to share them with my readers at TWC
 (Sun) 14-Sep-03: Don't give up
 (Mon) 15-Sep-03: Wild Wild Seven
 (Tue) 16-Sep-03: Twelve Peppers
 (Wed) 17-Sep-03: Lisa Wish
(Thu) 18-Sep-03: Chimpanzee's Go part 1
 (Fri) 19-Sep-03: Chimpanzee's Go part 2
 (Sat) 20-Sep-03: Chimpanzee's Go part 3
 21-Sep-03  Ten Years Later?
 28-Sep-03 Advertisement On TWC
 05-Oct-03 Jenny's Secret
12-Oct-03  Diana-04's Wish
19-Oct-03  The Urge
26-Oct-03  Conditioned Reflex
02-Nov-03 Halloween Costumes 
09-Nov-03  When I was Small
16-Nov-03  Not Everything For Money
23-Nov-03  Adjusted Nightmare
30-Nov-03 Farewell My Readers
07-Dec-03  If You Lie Too Much
14-Dec-03  Distraction
 21-Dec-03 Spending Christmas Eve 
28-Dec-03  1. Fear of Unknowns 2 Christmas Poster from Hard and Tang