Tang's Weekly Comic Archive 2000

 Posted Date  Titles
02-Jan-00 Ladies' Duel (guest illustrator: Evey Wong)
09-Jan-00 Tang Hur (guest illustrator: David McGuire)
16-Jan-00 Behind TANG HUR
23-Jan-00 Wen-Pro Manga chapter Two Part 2
30-Jan-00 We Need Proof (guest illustrator: FLR)
06-Feb-00 Forbez in Redmeat style
13-Feb-00 The Spirited Chinese Waitress part 1
20-Feb-00 Doing G.I John (guest illustrator Yan Wen )
27-Feb-00 Married White Female (guest illustrator CDC )
05-Mar-00 Phenix Never Learns (guest illustrator Dragonfly)
12-Mar-00 1) The Spirited Chinese Waitress part 2 (guest illustrator E.K)
2) For The Love of 'Star Trek' (guest illustrator Kiza)
19-Mar-00 Spectacular Ass
26-Mar-00 Old Men Have Boys
02-April-00 Doubtful Statistic
09-April-00 Contagious Diseas
16-April-00 Phenix's Secret
23-April-00 1.The Magic of Inner Force
2. Wendy Comic guest issue (Bonus Issue)
30-April-00 The Graduate
07-May-14 The Graduate part 2
14-May-00 The Graduate part 3
21-May-00 For Adult Only
28-May-00 Deadly Charge
04-June-00 Lovely Phenix
11-June-00 Diana On The Beach
18-June-00 Favoritism
25-June-00 Diana and Phenix Ancient China Adventure (part one)
02-July-00 Diana and Phenix Ancient China Adventure (part two)
09-July-00 Diana and Phenix Ancient China Adventure (3)- A Lesson
16-July-00 Diana and Phenix Ancient China Adventure (4)-
Lesson Time Again
23-July-00 Swimsuit and Phenix
30-July-00 Third Anniversary Speech
06-Aug-00 Wild Tales
13-Aug-00 Survival Instinct
20-Aug-00 Legendary Heroes
27-Aug-00 Friendly Mr. Devil
03-Sep-00 An Old Friend
10-Sep-00 Swing! Dady! Swing!
17-Sep-00 I Need Bimbo
24-Sep-00 Splash!
01-Oct-00 Post Mortem Pizza Special
08-Oct-00  Bribery Lesson
15-Oct-00 1. Interview with Nok
2. Bonus: Guest strip by Evon
22-Oct-00 A Cruse
29-Oct-00 The Next Update
05-Nov-00  Smart Husband
12-Nov-00 Web-Monkey
19-Nov-00 Diana's Poker Face
26-Nov-00 Men's Week
03-Dec-00 Mimiko And The Frog Prince
10-Dec-00 Liz!!
17-Dec-00 Conversation Between Waitress
24-Dec-00 A White Lie
31-Dec-00  What Men Want