Manga and short stories Section

It is my online manga and short stories section. The main feature is My ongoing manga Diana-03.
Most of the other titles were my M.O.M entries.I will at least add one manga here every month.

 Title  Genre Pages  Date
The End of a World
Part 1 The End of a World
Part 2 Remember Yoko and Lisa?
Part 3 The End of The Universe
Part 4 Abandoned Children
Part 5 Immorality gene
part 6 The Signal
part 7 The Dinner
 Sci-Fi drama? 27
07-Jul-00 (ongoing)
Surprise Romance? Comedy 6 11-Dec-99 (completed)
Friends* Suspense 7 19-Nov-99 (completed)
Gift From Heaven*  Family comedy 5 07-Oct-99 (completed)
Godai's Choice  Drama (Maison Ikkoku) 3 03-Sep-99 (completed)
Emperor's Will  Historical drama 7 04-Aug-99 (completed)
Lesson*  Comedy 6 13-July-99 (completed)
The [Price] of [Freedom]  Comedy 3 13-July-99 (completed)
Fox Comedy 5 05-June-99 (completed)
Time Cop  Drama/comedy 9 05-May-99 (completed)
 I Lost My Slave (Jiro&Haruko)  Drama 9 08-April (Part 2 of 3)
 Late For Dinner (Jiro&Haruko)  Drama ?   8 01-Mar-99 (Part 1 of 3)
Fairy Tale On Temple Street* Social drama 9 01-Jan-99 (completed)
The Last Stand And A Dark Secret  Comedy (EVA /Ultraman) 4 08-Dec-98 (completed)
Sin and Punishment*  Comedy (EVA) 8 01-Nov-98 (completed)
Bloodline**  Social drama 12 01-Oct-98 (completed)
Bloodline** (2004 updated version)      01-Jun-05
One Strike*  Marital art drama 12 Update: 01-Sep-98 (ongoing)
Diana-03* sci-fi drama 27 Update: 01-Sep-98 (ongoing?)
*= Recommented  by the Author